Growth through digital development.

Everyone knows that customers look towards the internet to research and purchase products and services. Having a website or effective web-app can make the difference between success or failure. Your existing digital presence should be continuously improved and optimised to ensure it doesn't fall behind.

Excel from the beginning.

Users consume digital content regularly, and they expect optimised, easy to use digital products, without errors and with the information they need readily available. Your website should be beautiful, but it should also be performant. We build websites with how users will experience them in mind.

Continuous improvement

We don't just develop new websites; we upgrade and support existing ones. It's often the case that you need changes or new components building into an existing project you own - after looking over the code base, we can typically make those changes.

What is Spacely's development process?
We first hold conversations to understand your requirements and expectations. We then discover solutions to those requirements and prototype a design. After the initial prototype, development takes place iteratively until the product is viable and you're satisfied it is ready to be deployed to your web host or cloud provider.
What do you require to develop a website?
We will typically want your brand guidelines and any photography you have produced that you want to utilise. You may want to engage with a copywriter to ensure your written content is compelling and appropriate. We would also develop with you a content plan.
What technologies do you use?
We use technologies tailored to your project. We work with common platforms such as WordPress and Cockpit, and eCommerce platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce. We might develop a web-app or multifunctional website using Next.js or Gatsby. It depends - and you may have a preference yourself based on what you are currently using or your budget. Contact us if you want to know if we can support a specific type of development.