Your software must go somewhere.

Most businesses choose cloud services because of quick provisioning, scaling, and not managing hardware directly. Public clouds such as AWS, Digital Ocean and Google Cloud have become the norm for running your infrastructure. They don't just host websites and have today become integral parts of business tools, disaster recovery and data storage.

Realise cost savings.

When setting up and managing cloud services, users often find their costs balloon over time. Developers regularly depend on highly available premium resources even when data is accessed rarely for archiving - or housekeeping is left undone when necessary, causing services to become bloated. Your cloud usage needs to be effective and efficient.

Single point of contact

Resolving issues in your critical services can be challenging without someone around to take responsibility. That's where we come in. Depending on the support level you require, we can monitor and proactively respond to problems in your cloud services and be on hand to make upgrades or other changes.

What are the benefits of working with Spacely for cloud services?
We provide expertise and a point of responsibility for resolving problems within your digital infrastructure. Your cloud environment's excellent management will result in more stability, higher security levels, and better value.
How can we request support?
Our support is by default provided via ticket, email and live chat. We run a help desk. Customers can request telephone support as part of an SLA.
Do you specialise in a particular cloud provider?
Spacely doesn't automatically prefer any cloud provider, and we don't provide hosting ourself. We can answer support requests for your services on most public clouds. When recommending a solution, we take a "cloud-neutral" approach considering the cost, reliability and effectiveness of a particular provider. We don't believe it's in your benefit to find yourself locked into pricing or solutions that may become disadvantageous over time.